Lying down, I was still looking for a reason to jerk off of my bed and scream.

As tides only existed on massive volumes of water while being watched by the loyal and beautiful face of the moon...

It was also found on my mind.

While I lay still, my mind was a ruffle of negative energy.

A battlefield of thoughts that would eventually turn to a stream of baseless imaginations, which without even a little scratch of time would turn to a reality.

The ceiling was of no help, I was still, like a half bottle of water thrown mercilessly until it gave up the strength to roll, I kept staring at it like it had the sun that wasn't there.

No stagnant cloud was within my view, yet I could feel myself rising softly from that chamber you'll call a bed.

My pillow only pulled my head down with hands I couldn't see or feel. At least if I was tied with ropes, I'll know I had a chance of escape.

But stiff I was, like gravity held a grudge against me.

Breaking loose would be like conquering the ocean. Something I couldn't do, even in my dreams.

"Hope, hope, hope" I kept muttering to myself, wishing that somehow, I'll break loose of these chains.

I was placed, immobile and contained. I wasn't locked, I was just tired, I just woke up.