What if I wasn't human? I'd say to myself.
If I could fly so high and move so freely like I own the sky.
I would greet the sun good morning so close to its face, and kiss the moon good night whilst I go to slumber.
Spread my wings so wide, I'd cut through the clouds like a warrior fighting for his life in battle.
I would keep malice with earth, as we won't be seen together.

What if I wasn't human? I'd sing before I sleep.
Hoping I'll open my eyes and see myself independent on the air I once couldn't live without.
I'll say goodbye to gravity and my dream of being one with the ocean is fulfilled at last.
The deep blue sea became a warm home for me and I could not feel the gentle touch of the sun on me anymore, I lost the gentle loving touch of the rain.

What if I wasn't human? I'd pray to the lord.
Only to find myself without feet, I'll see roots instead.
My pair of hands had fled from me, I could only see branches.
I became a home to the homeless, even without my consent.
I had become a prisoner to nature, guilty for being me.
I was forced to be a food giver to the hungry. My place of birth transformed to my home.
The sun took out it's anger on me as I suffered under its heat.
I drank the tears of the sky and ate from the waste of the earth.

I opened my eyes, looked up and said,

"I'm happy to be human"