Oh my oh my, when I close my eyes.
Everything turns blank, darkness exposes from inside.
I feel dizzy, stumbling and shaky.
Yet I'm still standing, but it's aching.
I imagine a place, where different races didn't have a problem
Where issues from that where beyond them
Black and white were just skin colors
It was us and we, not them and yours

Oh my oh my, when I close my eyes
I feel a spot to where my head lies
My body drifting towards thoughts, thoughts new to me.
I see a world, somewhere I want to be.
I imagine a place where no one lived sorrows, pain was a myth.
The word "poverty" became a fairytale told with an elder's permit.
Everyone was sheltered, children went to school.
Families were growing stronger, parents were cool.

Oh my oh my, when I close my eyes
My mood brightens, I release a lot of smiles
I see the errors of mankind, I see the traumas caused by it.
I begin to throw tantrums in my head like a sheep learning to bleat.
I imagine a place where natural disasters where only found in dreams
Where heavy storms would be reduced to gentle winds
Earthquakes would leave our gardens and homes
Where tsunamis avoided our lands, and remained at the beaches where we come close.

I said to myself, these are just happy thoughts.