Nwabugwu Chukwudumebi Poems

  • 1.
    Finding my past without a flashlight
    I'd turn back to see, forgetting it not that bright
    Stumbling, my feet had lost sight
    Not a single cornerstone, have I lost this fight?
  • 2.
    Oh my oh my, when I close my eyes.
    Everything turns blank, darkness exposes from inside.
    I feel dizzy, stumbling and shaky.
    Yet I'm still standing, but it's aching.
  • 3.
    What if I wasn't human? I'd say to myself.
    If I could fly so high and move so freely like I own the sky.
    I would greet the sun good morning so close to its face, and kiss the moon good night whilst I go to slumber.
    Spread my wings so wide, I'd cut through the clouds like a warrior fighting for his life in battle.
  • 4.
    The heat of the sun set at minimum described my personality, I was fiery in nature. I fell in love with my opposite, my enemy in nature, and the common liquid of the earth, water.

    Our hearts were bound together, but our forms said otherwise.

  • 5.
    Lying down, I was still looking for a reason to jerk off of my bed and scream.

    As tides only existed on massive volumes of water while being watched by the loyal and beautiful face of the moon...

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