The heat of the sun set at minimum described my personality, I was fiery in nature. I fell in love with my opposite, my enemy in nature, and the common liquid of the earth, water.

Our hearts were bound together, but our forms said otherwise.

How could I explain my situation?

How could I tell you why I can't touch you?

I feel like killing myself with that fact but it'll be the same when I try to get close to you.

It burns our love, like it should. Though it's not how I want it to.

How can I show you that I care? How do I express my love physically?

Intimacy with you is only but a dream in my world
Death isn't even an option, as I would lose you.

How do I quench your flame so you would ignite mine?

Hugging you is all I've dreamt of, touching your flaming skin is like a hefty reward to me.

We're just two very different elements, tho our hearts say otherwise.

If I could kiss you and still be me, I would...

If I could stroke your hair and still have my hands intact, I would...

If I could touch your feet and still see you the next day, I would...

But nature made us different.

Nature being so against us proved the laws of physics wrong.

We're physically unlike, yet we do not attract.

Nature punished us.

Nature made it so that neither life nor death could solve our problem.

Like we're not meant to be...

But I disagree, I'll make this work.