Please Forgive Me Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


If I would accidentally knock on your doorA
Would your eyes recognize meB
Would your lips remember the stories they used to share when we kissC
Would your body remember the taste of my handsD
Would you hug Me and kiss me the same way you used toE
If I am to drunk to embark to my adobeB
Would your house have a room for my soulF
Would your kitchen have a meal for my fleshG
Would your bathroom welcome with warm waters to cool off the booze in my mindH
This break up had made me oldI
Driving winds to remind my self of how you used to smileJ
Begging my mind not to make you the focal point of my thinkingK
But how can a mind so small forget the rose that grew from its eyelidsL
When I close my eyes you are the one I seeB
Am even afraid to love again cause I will end up seeing you in themM
You said I will forget about youE
But what if time fails to do what it is suppose to doE
How do you expect me to live without youE
I can only exist without you but I can never liveN
I could smell the breath of your love through every wind I touch with my heartO
Am even afraid of getting out from this shackles of miseryB
Am scared that I might come across you and you would see me drunk in a break upP
And further confirm that I was just a useless boy friend who loved you deeplyB
Truth be told I miss you I miss the feeling of loving youE
I miss the thought of you walking into the heart of my room and suddenly my room smells like youE
I've made many mistakes in my lifeQ
Some I regret about it and some I've spilled the waterR
But this mistake of losing is one that digs my house of eternityB
I can't escape the feeling think about you everydayS
I find my self writing paragraphs and deleting the meaning am afraid that you will remind me of how badly I treated you yet I die in every thought of how I mistreated youE
I wish I could ask for forgiveness but I know that it would be just an underistamentS
I want you to know that I missC
And I hate my self for the way I treated youE
I let stinking insecurities grew over my loveT
But my financial situation was the reason that gave birth to this insecuritiesU
I wanted to do more for you but money didn't have any approval so I gave you my heart that also wasn't enoughV
Forgive me for trying so muchW
I only wrote to tell you that I love you and miss youE

Musa Mukelwa Simelane
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/25/2020


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