Will a lover of God ever be
Cut off from the ocean of light!
Nay, he feels His presence always
In his self and out of his self-
In every atom of God's creation
He sees gleaming God's light
He needs not to unite with Him;
He craves not to dissolve in Him-
As God is absolute oneness
He is never separate from him
The true light shines upon him
Where the two bows meet
Light upon light gushes out
From his fore head indeed
Sound upon sound streams out
From his back head in truth
Nothing can prevent him
From gazing at His light
He worships no idol
Aside from His light
Even worldly pursuits
Do not distract him
He watches His light
With his heart's eye,
He listens to His melody
Through his heart's ear
Until he dies before his death,
And comes to live in Lord's light
Wheresoever he turns to,
He sees His light
He perceives clearly
The reality about God:
Alone He was,
Nothing was with him;
He is now as He was,
He will be as He is;
He is essentially One,
With nothing beside Him;
He is Inwardly Hidden,
He is Outwardly Manifest;
He is without beginning;
He is without end;
Whatever he look at;
He sees His face;
He is without ifs and buts;
He is without how and what;
He is without when and where-
He knows God’s Essence in his image