Rash decisions take us in the wrong direction,
Lack of wisdom leads to destruction.
Take a look from the top of your mind
See the catastrophe unfold
Glance at what is going around
Look to the North and South
Survey the whole land.
Ask the butchered bodies,
Scorched corpses and scattered bones
The reason for their deaths
Who killed them ruthlessly
Listen to the screams of orphans and widows
Listen to the wailing mothers'
heart-piercing groans
Think what should we do now?
But don't give a reply in haste
Don't accuse me of laying the arms
That I have not got
Stop this children's game of fight and hide
Inviting the enemy to do his worst
A bloody game is being launched
By those whom you deem your friend
Ask your children not to play that game
They call it Gazwia Hind