Our mouths are gagged
Our throats are choked
Our limbs are broken
Our foundations are shaken
Death is being dishonoured
Life trampled down
Violence endlessly stretched out
Our budding youth massacred
Our honour molested
Our properties vandalised
Mayhem of all types let loose
To make us forget our passion
To burn our trees of hope
Nothing is spared
Save the dried leaves
Fallen to the ground
That tremble, now and then
Fly off with the slightest wind
But there are certain green Chinars
Standing steadfast and smiling with pride
Reassuring us of our glorious future
Telling us to stand upright
To fight for our rights
To regain our lost position
In the world as a free nation
Who would hear their voice?
As if God is calling from the heaven
I will pay for your blood
That is poured and poured out