Resist to move forward
Fight to live free
Let rise up for rights
Demolishing the walls of hatred
Embracing the whole mankind
Prove I am for liberty
I am for peace and coexistence
Spread love horizontally
Banish terror in all shapes
Resist to move forward
Stretch beyond the phrase
United we rise, divided we fall
Rise up against all negativities
Hate, racism, nationalism, fascism
Let write manifesto of one world order
Pages filled with all positivities
Let make a world where suffering children
Inhale and exhale healing breath of love
Give meaning to the old adage
Love begets love, hate begets hate
Resist all opposition to resistance
Do not bend or yield to evil
To the army of killers
Who force violence upon you
Neither bend nor break
Stand up straight like a cedar tree
Resist to move forward
To enjoy the cool of Chinar tree
To listen to the roaring Aharbal-fall
With no one around to disturb you