The knell is ringing on my head,
The archangel is standing by my side
He conveys to me salām from God
And kisses me between my brows
While reciting to me the wordless word
And heads me to the Light-house
Where houries sing in the chorus
Oh! they welcome me as a groom
I am happy all love me and sing my praise
Since I made the eternal vow--
That I will take no one as my lord,
That I will not take Satan's call
It seems to me in God's presence,
The universe is like a single orchestra
The unstruck harp of soul is sounding,
Within my heart all the time
The light upon light shines bright :
The melody of love swells forth,
Day and night, the chorus of music,
Fills the universe through and through
My Beloved gleams upon me--
Like the lightning-flash in the sky,
Like the full moon on its fourteenth night,
Like the shining sun on a clear summer day,
Wrapped in the divine light,
My soul sings day and night
Playing on the reedless flute
In the secret boundless valley
Where the cool breeze is blowing,
Where the unseen birds are singing
And the lord cries in His delight:
I am the lord of the day!
I am sitting on the throne!
Whose is the kingdom this day?
It is Allah’s, the One, the Most Supreme.