How sweet is it,
When blood thickens every minute...
When family remains the strongest bond ever

What a great joy the heart gets
When sweet are the memories at heart

Yes, trials come but we smile
Tribulations and afflictions weigh us down
But nothing is sweeter than being lifted up

Vinnie, you're a blessing
A rare gem I hold on tightly
Selfless is the heart you possess

You've been a pillar in my life
You've held me when I've slipped
Making sure I never fell at all

Vinnie, you've been a cloud
You've held the waters of pain in the sky

Sweet are the memories I treasure
In bold is your name written in my heart
I owe you gratitude, how can I ever repay you?

I know thank you isn't enough...
But today I say thank you once again.
May the good Lord lead you and bless you more.