For years I had fallen,
Deeper into the abyss of sin
I wished to be lifted up
I even felt forgotten
Not one soul my sympathy to win
None even a phone call to pick up

I thought life was all about smiles
But hearts were apart in miles
Pretence surpassed reality
Behind my back came mockery
Hatred became my surrounding
Condemnation from both allies and goes

I was dying inside of me
My heart bled without anyone's rescue
All I received was disappointment
The brighter side of life, unheard
I was almost despairing
Loosing my purpose in life

I lost the person I was
Hard life forced me to change
Making my smile a hidden treasure
Only giving it to someone who deserved it
Making my happiness a rare sight
And holding to what felt right
Leaving behind anything that saddened me

I heard a voice
A tender sweet soft call
Wipe your eyes dry
Stop soaking your eyes
Gladden your face my daughter
You are never alone.

I rise again
I hold my head higher
No more crying, no more pain
I hide my sad side
I stand strong again
Never getting dismayed
I rise again.