I got lost in my fears
Fears of rejection and unacceptance
Looking back in those bright days
When I would laugh and be happy
Everyone being proud of me
Having many friends around me
Having fun and making merry

Now I became down by myself
Everyone making me feel the shame
Judging me, making me suffer deeply
I became a laughing stock to all
Being humiliated by everybody

I became a lonely soul
Like a life sentence my life crambled
And like a verdict, from fame to shame
My world turned into
My face buried in my palms
My hands soaked by tears

I got lost in my thoughts,
Question popping up my mind
Needing someone to at least lift me
And back to my feet to stand again
I don't need to vouch perfection
My mistakes and imperfections
Make me unique and different.
I had to accept myself first
And let those who love me come along

Like an angel in disguise,
You came along and stood for me
Showing me the meaning of true friendship
Instead of judging me, you lifted me
Helping me wipe my tears
Making me regain my self esteem
And building me stronger and stronger
Better and better polishing the best version of me
You are a great blessing and a true friend.
My appreciation and gratitude is beyond words