To you buddy,
I thank God for such a great friend
More than a brother I can say,
Always ready to sacrifice
And do everything for my sake.
You're such a great treasure to me
And such a sweet name; Desmond
And like diamond, very rare in the world
And like Gold so precious than ever told.

Words won't fully express my gratitude
But allow me say that you're more valuable
And with my tender heart I really treasure you.
So kind you are, the most polite man I've
Ever met, the most understanding person
I've ever known and the great rose of my heart.

Thank you so much Desmond,
My gratitude is more than words can express.
Always wish you well in all you do
Always pray for you to stay young forever
And to lead and life of joys and plenty of blessings.
I learn the importance of a real friend
You are one to me.