Our Dynamic World Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The world is dynamicA
It changes day in day outB
Every single minute it transitsC
But what does it transform toD
It hurts and tears my heartE
By what it transforms toD
Every single second it turns to the worstF
I wonder where we are headingG
Am I the only one whose face grows to deem saddens and frownsH
I can t withstand this digital world thingG
Everyone s heart is pleasedI
When they speak of an amazing digital worldJ
I really miss you analogK
For the good virtues were buried with youD
As if they never existedL
Good morals have been forgottenM
Where Ooh where is old loveN
Love that surpassed individualismO
Love that was never egocentricA
It was actually true loveN
I really hate digitalP
For you ve taught us what our ancestors condemnedQ
Relatives killing each other for landR
What we smell is oppressionM
Greed for power disunityS
And all the vices that come along with changeT
I have a good reason to hate digitalP
You ve taught us to hate rather than love one anotherU
You ve made us forget what it meant by unityS
You ve fooled us with individualism and personal businessV
And all we say its none of one s businessV
Questions always cross my mindW
I can t stop asking myself on what to doD
In order to restore our former stateX
Please do not mention digital to meS
I can never love itY
I feel like going backZ
Back to the unevolved worldJ
My beautiful analogK

Miriam Onyancha
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/31/2020

Poet's note: This is a poem encouraging people to shun from vices and remember the good morals that are best for our world. the persona portrays his feeling towards the changing world. its an encouragement for those who have totally forgotten the good virtues to remember and follow them.


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