Why are you bruising my heart?
Why are you causing me to pain now and then?
Where did I ever go wrong?
Why are you leaving me with lots of unanswered questions?

Can I blame myself for everything that’s happening to me?
Was it a crime falling in love with you?
Do you enjoy seeing me in tears?

It was better to leave a mark rather than a scar.
It was better for you to leave me, instead of leading me on.
I would rather prefer a bitter truth than a sweet lie.
It was fair to let me go than hurting me this much.

You faked what you didn’t even feel,
You hate what you didn’t even kill.
Your lies made me fall deeply in love with you.

You made me love you more than I even loved myself,
Without knowing this was the ultimate betrayal of myself.
All to receive what you never issued.
You called it tough love
I call it half love
Even though what you gave was less than half.