Regrets are for fools but I know am not one.
I just wish that you would come early,
Wish I would have known that I am your rib.
Why didn’t I know you early enough?
I wish you came a little early.

If you would have come a little early,
My heart wouldn’t have been broken this way.
My heart would not have been slain.
I wouldn’t have undergone this kind of pain.
I just wish you came early enough.

I have been in love but never been treated right.
I fell deeply in love with someone
Who didn’t treasure me as I did
I cried for someone who didn’t deserve the tears.
I didn’t know you would be here to wipe them.

I won’t continue regretting
I now have a perfect match
Someone who treasures me like Gold
A sweet darling who know the meaning of love,
One who understands more of caressing.

My heart is fragile
But am sure it’s in safe hands.
A place where it will be taken good care of.
My heart will always be dressed
And it will fully heal and never be broken again.