I try not to cry,
And ask myself why you lie.
I drink not to think about you.
I blink and wink not to face the reality.
I rethink and bethink on what went wrong.
I was on love’s brink.

With my torn heart I mourn
Like a little and brittle child I cared for you,
Despite the scorn, I’d sworn to love you
And held you tightly in my arms.
Day in day out from familiar to strange you change.

I thought our love would grow and glow
But slow by slow its fading away.
I didn’t know I would undergo this pain
Although I act normal, my foes make fun of me
As if I owe them a woe.

From fame to shame you send me
But like a precious gift, I lift my head high
I’ll have to show my hidden ability
Because am strong enough to let you go
Despite not being part of the plan.
I wipe my tears and comfort myself of not crying again.