I know I have a wing,
For we have to fly,
For you’ll always be my own king
Since my heart sweetly that you won’t wry.

Our love will always be strong,
Because our pasts are now gone.
I’ll be awake to write a song,
I won’t let my eyes catch a sleep till dawn.

If this love turns into a battle,
Am sure you’ll fight for your little rose.
I hope our love won’t be a rattle,
And to shame will remain our foes.

My heart will always gladden,
Seeing and having you every day.
I won’t ever let your face or heart sadden
But rather ensure there’s a smile in whichever way.

I know this love is for forever,
So I won’t ever let you go,
Because letting go will always be our never.
For our love will always grow and glow.