I met a woman

She was tall, dark and beautiful

She was everything I could ever wish for

She was funny and sweet as well

What was her name?


I can't remember

At first I dreamt of having someone like her

And then she came to me

Although she left in a hurry I was determined to find her

Then one day I saw her standing in the park as I boarded a bus

I could not believe my luck

She was even better looking than I had imagined

I apologized to the bus driver as I rushed down to meet her

Unfortunately, it wasn't her

Just that the woman standing there had a resemblance to her

But it wasn't her

I had to wait for another bus which came hours later

When I got home I told my friends about her, but no one believed me

Out of anger I blocked everyone out of my life

She was real and I was going to prove it

I spent months in isolation looking for her

I almost started to believe that she was not real

I met a woman

And even if you dear reader don't believe me

I do not care

I will find her

And show her to the world

For I met a woman

And she is real