Honey, I have a regretful longing for your unparalleled love.
You loved me more dearly than any woman has ever loved a man.
Reciprocating your love was a thrilling experience for me.
The afterglow from loving you still enchants my heart.
I cannot erase the constant recollection of your love from my mind.

My heart will not cease mourning the loss of the love of my life.
At nights I dream that you are here, and I stop crying for you.
But it seems that my best dream will never come true.
I shall always preserve this special love for you in my heart.
And I pray that someday the spark of your love will kindle again.

Honey, I have relished your exceptional love for several years,
And I believed that nothing would come between us.
We had an extraordinary love and it shattered unexpectedly.
How could we have been so careless about our intimacy?
I wish I could renew the love that once made my heart glow.

I cannot conceal my remorse for the loss of our happiness.
The feeling that I shall never see you again devastates my heart,
But I derive consolation from the memory of our past affair.
Losanya, shall I win back your unparalleled love someday?
If the answer is no, then I must go on reliving our love story.