I recall the strange way I lost you and it hurts me badly.
My mind keeps dwelling on our past romance.
I loved you with my whole heart, and yet I left you.
I cannot communicate my distress to anybody.
Darling, I gave up on you when I loved you so much.
Who can I blame for my mistakes but myself?

I think deeply in search of the answer to why it happened,
But it is so difficult to understand my love.
I love you too much, and I am not exaggerating.
The usual love does not compare with the feeling I have for you.
I would have given up anything to be with you,
For your love was the only thing I never thought I would lose.

Although you made me feel happy, I could not stay with you.
My love is obviously different from any other love.
I guess you could say it is an unusual love.
But what good is a heart full of love without the one I love?
You do not think I could love you and leave you.
In fact, I love you more when we are not together.

I have been waiting for your forgiveness since we parted.
It seems that I am destined to love you in vain,
But I shall wait for you another hour, another day, another year.
Darling, I walked out on you when I needed you.
I shall still love you even if I never lay eyes on you again.
And that is how I know my love is an unusual love.