Amelia, I’ve got something to say to you
I wanted your love most of all
You’re worth the time that I waited
I’ve dreamed many dreams about you
And now that you’re my spouse,
I’ll honour you and give you all my love
You mean so much to me, and I’ll show it

You’ve done many good things for me
I don’t know how to repay you
Your love is as good as I thought it was
I made amorous advances to you
A smile embellished your face when I knelt
You accepted my proposal euphorically,
And I’m so grateful for your love

Let me say more pleasing things to you
The love you give brings out the best in me
I no longer need an imaginary family
You’ve turned my make-believe into reality
I want you to know how I feel about you
Amelia, you mean so much to me
Time won’t change the way I love you

I know someone with an impassioned love
She’s such a fascinating young lady
Her features and attitude are so inviting
She has a benevolent and cheerful nature
And she’s always excited about my songs
Her kisses accelerates my heartbeat
She’s everything I’ve hoped for in my life

If you think I’m making reference to you,
Yes, you’re absolutely correct
I’m speaking about you and your love
It’s a love that I don’t want to lose
Amelia, you’re the best wife a man can have
You’re so precious in my sight
I say this because you mean so much to me