Dedicated to Muslim women

By the fountain east of the Turkish border,
My Muslim lover waits for me
I shall be at her side before nightfall
And I shall gently brush her face

Something goes wrong with our rendezvous
The rebels abduct me unexpectedly
Somehow they think I am an informer

Here in this dark and damp cave I pray
I recall the nights I spent with my darling
We had good times at the fountain
How I miss the moonlight and my guitar

The rebels are holding me in captivity
If I could send her good tidings,
Her heart would not be filled with dismay

We used to sit by the fountain,
She would sing while I played my guitar
We would dance on the wall of the fountain,
And we would jump in the water

Each morning she goes back to the fountain
She sits and waits expectantly
And she sings her love songs for me

Rajeeyah will never lose hope
Her heart tells her that I am alive
She is sad, lonely and afraid,
But my safe return will bring her gladness

On this foggy and snowy morning,
I escape from my captors and flee
But I feel a sharp pain in my left side

I am only a short distance from the village
And I have to get across the border
I cannot let the pursuers kill me

I am cold, and I am getting weak,
But my love for Rajeeyah strengthens me
And I get up each time I fall in the snow

Limping and leaning on a long stick,
I manage to cross the border safely
The villagers rescue me and nurse my wounds

It is a miracle that I am free
Now I must hurry to the fountain,
My beauty waits for me there

I see Rajeeyah from a distance
Although the water is frozen,
She is still hoping that I shall return

My darling catches sight of me
And she runs to greet me with open arms
We embrace each other,
And tears roll down our cheeks

Rajeeyah and I are together at last!
The fountain gave her faith in me
Our kisses filled the night with love
Nothing can keep me away from my baby