When I find the right girl for me,
I’ll give her my complete devotion.
I’ll always be faithful to her.
Love is an incomprehensible thing;
A deceptive kiss can break one’s heart.
It’s not easy to find true love,
So I’ll cautiously choose a spouse.

When I find someone to love,
Roses will bloom like never before.
She’ll be my favoured girl,
I’ll treasure the moments with her.
I swear I’ll never let her down.
We’ll sail across the ocean,
And we’ll fly above the clouds.

When I find the right girl for me,
I’ll say, “Yes, she’s the one for sure.”
I’ll reach out to her amorously,
And I’ll find the way to her heart.
I know someday I’ll meet her.
When I find the one I’m looking for,
My search will end and love will begin.