Ladies, don’t ever fall in love with the poet.
He’s just a sad and lonely author.
And he composes poems to keep him going.
The poet knows how you feel inside.
He understands your unhappiness.
He can tell what’s missing from your life.
And he knows that you need love.
You may wonder if he’s reading your mind.

He doesn’t blame you for being drawn to him.
The things you want to hear are in his poems,
So you read his books over and over again.
He writes what you want your lover to tell you.
A shy person can touch you with his poem.
The poet wants to ease the pain in your heart
And help you to overcome the blues.
If you have the wrong idea, it’s not his fault.

He’s not trying to seduce women with his poems,
But he has no control over their emotion.
And he can’t prevent a woman from loving him.
The words of his poems are his innermost feelings.
Although he’s serious about what he writes,
Be careful how you interpret his expressions.
Ladies, you may fall in love with the poems,
But please don’t ever fall in love with the poet.