The child that you are carrying is not a plaything,
It is a human being like you and me.
And life is very precious to the Creator.
The marvels of conception are beyond our comprehension.
God is extremely great and wonderful.
The process of an embryo developing into a baby is a miracle.

Cherish and adore the child that is growing inside you.
Do not abort the gem of your womb.
Every child definitely has the right to live.
The shedding of innocent blood demands retribution.
Ladies, abortion is definitely wrong!
It is a murderous act, and is it not different from filicide.

Think carefully before you take the life of a helpless being.
Ask yourself these important questions:
Do I have the wisdom and power to create life?
If my mother had aborted me, would I be here today?
Lovemaking is not for irresponsible people.
Consider the consequences before you have sex.

A mother does not own the child that she is carrying.
She is just a host for the organism.
The unborn baby needs protection from diseases to stay alive.
So please do your best to help it to survive.
Eat nutritious foods and exercise daily.
Bring forth the infant and let it see the light of the sun.

The child that you are carrying is a loving gift from God.
Love it from the heart even before it is born.
Appreciate your child deeply when it utters its first cry.
Hug it gently and shed tears of joy.
Learn from the experience of parturition.
And thank God that He gave you the ability to bear a child.