I’d like to pour out my heart to an Asian stewardess.
That little beauty over there is the one I have in mind,
But it certainly takes time to get through to her.
I just can't come up with the appropriate words to use.
If I make advances at her, will I take her breath away?
I'm in doubt as to whether she'll fancy me or not.
She might not even take delight in what I have to say,
But I hope she’ll at least take the time to listen.
Time will help me to find the best way to compliment her.

It takes time to get the voluptuous woman I love.
She keeps affecting my sleep night after night,
But I’m not bold enough to tell her how I feel about her.
I imagine erotic moments with her when she’s absent,
But I always dismiss the thought when I see her.
I hope there’s sufficient time to express my love for her.
It takes time to gain her smile of approval,
But in time, I’ll talk to her and she might love me.
All it takes is time to make two hearts discover love.