Based on a true story

I’ve been having strange dreams that I can't interpret
Each dream is like the one I had the previous night
In my dreams I have incredible energy and power
I’m like a disembodied super-intelligent life form
I have invisible wings and I can fly faster than angels

The dreams seem to be real events and it perplexes me
I’m always afraid of ugly spirits or something else
And I'm always trying to escape from things I can't see
I feel like I’m trapped in a dark underground place
And I explode like a bomb to get out, but I don't die

I find myself flying high over the terra firma and the sea
The earth suddenly disappears and I'm in fright
And then I see endless black, sometimes white, space
Some kind of force is pushing me towards the unknown
I can’t stop myself from being pulled into the vacuum

I want to know what’s beyond this scary place,
But fear overwhelms me when I reach a certain distance
I begin to struggle for breath and then I wake up
In my dreams I'm extremely powerful, yet I'm so afraid
I feel like I’m not human and I don't belong here