Love will not change,
Feeling alone like the wind,
Wasting away my future,
Pining for love,
A lost love I can’t reclaim,
Unable to break the promise I’ve made.
Sounds like boredom,
But I have nothing else to live for.
Time can’t reverse,
Trying to bring back the past.
I knew if I lost you, I’d die slowly.
Tortured by loneliness,
I’ve tried everything I can to cope.
No cure for a crushed emotion,
I can’t hold out much longer,
I’ve lost rationality.
Submerged in depression,
I no longer count the years,
It’s as if the whole thing was a dream,
But I know I miss you,
And I’m going to love you constantly.

Days feel like years,
No more tears to cry.
Living on the memory,
Fragments of the love you gave me long ago.
Cheeks like roses in the morning,
Dark eyes that tempted,
Lips of fire born with tenderness,
Awkward hugs I’ve never felt before.
Being with you was what I needed,
Soft words to lift up my heart,
And to know you cared.
You dismissed my strange prediction,
I foresaw love turn hate.
You warned me of the consequence,
Tried to delay the inevitable,
I took a negative approach,
And I knew it would hurt me,
Hurt more than I could bear.
Left in permanent sadness,
I know I’ll be without you,
But the mark of your love will not desert me.

You knew the vows I made to your sister,
But my heart ached only for your love.
“I can’t tell you what to do.”
“Make your own decision.”
“Do what’s best for you.”
That’s what you told me,
But I didn’t know what it meant.
The situation confused me,
I got what I wanted, but I couldn’t keep it.
I loved you so deeply,
I couldn’t believe I had you.
I squandered the opportunity of a lifetime.
I’ve tried repeatedly to reach your heart.
Messages, calls, got no response from you.
I gave up trying a long time ago,
But from time to time, I wonder if you’re okay.
Though you ruined my life, love remains.
I’d relive the days with you, if I could.
I’m paying a severe penalty for losing you,
But I know I’m going to love you,
Love you constantly.