Darling, this is my final appeal for your love.
If you’re not the one for me, who else can I turn to?
My youthful days are swiftly passing
And love won’t wait for me.
Happiness may come to me by the end of the term,
But I’m afraid time might not permit it.
I’m advancing in age and my health is fading
And so I’m making my final appeal for your love.

I’ve been around for a few decades
And I’ve seen good times come and go.
To my recollection, I had a brief love affair once;
A pretty but naive woman loved me.
It was a thrilling experience
And I enjoyed every moment of it,
But for one reason or another,
I let her slip out of my grasp.
Now I stand face to face with the harsh reality,
Those golden days will never come back.

In this crowded world, I’m dying of loneliness.
There are so many people around me,
Yet I’m alone as a deserted island.
I was badly bitten by love once,
Now I’m twice shy of love.
What more could anyone expect of me?
If I could only put myself inside your thoughts,
Then perhaps I could win your moody heart.
Put your arms around me and receive me warmly, baby,
While there is still time for romance
And console the most lovesick man in the universe.

Why should I go solo all the years of my life?
Am I the only lonely person alive?
Besides, why should any man or woman be alone?
Has the world run out of caring people?
These unanswered questions exacerbate the pain in my heart.
Come to my aid, you fantastic dame,
Lest apathy and seclusion should overwhelm me.

I’ve spent countless hours writing romantic poems.
Pen and notepad are still in my hands,
But what more is there to write about?
My mood has grown black.
I’m so weak and depressed,
Sometimes suicidal thoughts cross my mind.
Darling, I’m waiting on you.
And as I wait, to you I’m appealing,
I’m appealing desperately for your love.