I take another lonely walk along the avenue.
On this sad evening, no one’s at my side.
Anxiety fills my heart because I’ve lost you.
I sit all by myself in the park on a bench for two.
Pondering dispiritedly about the past,
Trapped in the shadow of the fantasies we shared.
The cannas near the fountain still bloom.
It feels like yesterday when we sat here together,
But years and distance have long separated us.
Now we’re so far apart from each other.
I can’t concede that my one treasured love is gone.
God knows I try to hold back the tears,
But I can’t control the involuntary shudder.

My heart weakens as the moonless night approaches.
I look to the stars for the answer to my quandary.
But should the stars sympathize with me?
I’ve lost you, not just once, but twice.
If I wanted a second chance, I’d be in a better situation,
Perhaps you’d consider my plea.
But how can I ask you for a third chance?
A third chance is more than I should expect from you.
So I prepare myself reluctantly to live without your love.
What expectation do I have?
I pray only that a miracle will soon happen,
While I wait for a love that I doubt will ever return to me.