For Kamela

Nature’s girl, you’re a masterpiece of the Creator.
You came into my life just in time.
I’m glad that God made you as a complement of me.
Every time you smile, the sun shines.
And the rain pours when you cry.
Cannas bloom each morning you awake,
Your love renews magically as the seasons change.
Tamed red pandas savour in your caress.
Nature would lack beauty if you weren’t here.

Whenever I look at you, I see natural beauty.
You speak as someone singing a melodious song,
And the sound of your voice comforts me.
Nature’s girl, the sweetness of honey is on your lips;
Your breath is like sweet-scented gardenias.
Horned owls and cockatoos make their birdcall for you.
I’ve compared you with all the things on earth,
And in my opinion, you’re the best part of nature.

Things won’t always happen in your favour.
Sometimes you’ll be alone when I travel abroad,
But don’t let my short absence sadden you.
Darling, I’ll carry your love with me in my heart.
I'll think of you in every busy town and quiet countryside.
I assure you that as soon as I begin to miss you,
I’ll telephone you and send you love-tokens.
You won’t despair and wonder if I’ve forgotten you.

Dainty butterflies roam about in different places,
Rabbits can find a safe place to hide,
And as sure as there’s a place for everything,
You’ve got a permanent place in my heart.
Oh, sweetheart, we’re so much alike,
You’re a single woman and I’m a single man,
Marriage is the best thing to contemplate.
By autumn next year, we’ll be together for sure;
We’ll make sacred vows to each other,
And thereafter we’ll strive to fulfil the promises.

You’re as chirpy as lovebirds perching on a branch.
You walk amid the trees covered with lichens,
And you admire the waterfall cascading down the rock.
Nature’s girl, you’ll never be in total darkness,
For the light of fireflies is in your eyes.
There’s no better way to conclude than to say this:
I love you more than roses and daises,
And I care for you because you’re nature’s girl.