It was the best decision I’d ever made.
The stroll through Emancipation Park made my day.
You were sitting quietly on a bench,
So lonely and downhearted.
I could have passed you by without stopping.
But I came to you and said, “You look nice, dear.”
You blushed and replied, “Thank you.”
It was then I knew I’d found my treasure.

I asked you, “Do you mind company.”
You said, “No, be my guest!”
I sat with you for a while.
We talked and laughed,
We took photographs of each other,
And we rolled in the grass.
The speed of two heartbeats increased.
Your lips came closer to mine.
And I wanted to kiss you forever.

The evening was getting dark.
It was time for us to part.
The thought of leaving without you pained my heart.
You gave me your phone number.
And I promised to call you.
We dated through the summer.
And the love between us grew warmer.

Now, darling, look at our little daughter.
Isn’t she as sweet as a child can be?
The years passed so swiftly.
Do you recall the evening we met in the park?
Can you feel the soft wind blowing?
Two turtledoves descended when we fell in love.