Love knows no boundaries
Love knows no pride
Love knows no defination
Neither does it knows limits
Miles apart...

My heart sank deep under waters
When i hear the words i love you
From the one my heart is fond of
My heart broke a million times
When you express your feelings
While we are miles apart

Before now, you said you need me not
Before now, you said iam not worthy of your love
Before now, you said i should leave
Miles apart...

Now that i left you say you need me
Iam sorry my lover, i can not come back to your loving arms
Iam sorry my king, i can not be in your embrace
I found love else where when you said i should leave
Although our hearts beats in love from miles apart

You got to let me go
You got to set me free
You got to free my emotions
I love you still
Although time do us no justice
Miles apart is where we belong