O you girls that have the ears to hear
Will you read what I have for you here?
Before you go out and walk on air
As one to be used as a pet of the year

Do you know that your love for today is taboo?
It is not meant for me and not for you too
You may have got some gifts from your boo
Or may be waiting for him to ring and woo

It is meant for the wicked lovers of red
Who wait to feed on you on the bed
To steal your golden pride and have you shed
The blood of joy, meant for your prince to wed

You may hear from that sugar-coated bro
That he would be your honey and only hero
Or to spend on you some bales of euro
You're my heart, my eye, my head lori iro

Atilẹgbọ ti Cristi, Mary, Racheal ati Janet
Ewo tun ni ti Maryam, Zainab ati Hasanat?
Our sisters shaa want to fly off earth planet
But do they lock their senses up in a cabinet?

Then will you know and think on it again?
And shun what cannot give you a gain
You see all those gifts are just in vain
They only meant to put you in endless pain

Oh Muslimahs, we have a honour to save
So, we have got to be careful and behave
And stop the lifestyle that threats to enslave
Our life now, before we end up in the grave

Please let's honour our worth and pride
Let's keep ourselves till we become a bride
Let's wait and pray till the knot is tied
And fear Allah if truly by His Law we abide