When I think of you
I think of the raging waves so blue;
Of calming green and earl grey
And of cobble stone pathways
Pathways leading you to me

When I think of you
I think of a sunset's hue;
Of 8AM cup noodles
And of thin paper, tattered doodles
Of long night chats till it's 1am

When I think of you
I think of early morning mist and dew ;
Black smiles heavy on black veil
Of shared video calls in-between shyness
Of poetry notes and feature story strings
And of treetops where the owls always sing

When I think of you and me
I think of a love lost at sea;
Of two souls not meant to be-
Don't be heartbroken, of course meant to be
Forever and ever

But off they go to flee
Away from the bad eyes of a world where
Satisfaction isn't balance

(For now and Everytime we video chat, Fareedah Forever)