When I Think Of You (fareedah Forever) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When I think of youA
I think of the raging waves so blueA
Of calming green and earl greyB
And of cobble stone pathwaysC
Pathways leading you to meD
When I think of youA
I think of a sunset's hueA
Of AM cup noodlesE
And of thin paper tattered doodlesE
Of long night chats till it's amF
When I think of youA
I think of early morning mist and dewA
Black smiles heavy on black veilG
Of shared video calls in between shynessH
Of poetry notes and feature story stringsI
And of treetops where the owls always singJ
When I think of you and meD
I think of a love lost at seaD
Of two souls not meant to beD
Don't be heartbroken of course meant to beD
Forever and everK
But off they go to fleeD
Away from the bad eyes of a world whereL
Satisfaction isn't balanceM
For now and Everytime we video chat Fareedah ForeverK

Kareem Azeez
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/06/2020


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Zainab Morakinyo: Wow..what a lucky lady ..to deserve such outpour of words. I guess you love yourselves
Chioma Omeni: Hmmm, lucky she. I think poet should start posting images of this so call lovely people
John Chizoba: This is lovely, I hope it lasts forever actually
Aishat Buhari: This is amazing, that Fareedat must be that special...great write up poet

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