I am the Raven con
of the world spirit
of blood and mire;
signal to the death,
an awakening before the coming.

I am the Owl
a reincarnation of a fed Rat
a wise soul searching-loving;
I find youth during their revelation,
and then take the responsibility,
of explaining away the exodus.

And I, I am the Hawk
guardian of the son I bring the eye to battle;
searching wanting-warning,
the families of Lightning and of the Bear.

We shall be there when both Demons
and Angels together come to earth
do battle with man.

I am the Sparrow
the breath of heaven
I bring the desires of our Mother
and ask for you; to take care
of her belongings, her creatures.

I am the Bear
I will crush mans enemies
then selectively bind those
who would change the world;
to the ways of the White Witch.

And I, I am Lightning
I will strike down the madness
destroy the enemies of the nature;
I am the weapon, of the most secure
Angel of our Lord.

We shall be here when both Demons
and Angels together come to do battle
with man.

And I am the Eye,
knowing of what must be done
to save man from destroying;
the faith of his One God.

Together we take the hour
of silence, form our armies.
Karma leading the way;
we reach out to the night.

Changing mans destiny,
crushing the selfishness
of blinded destruction;
Working the sphere of time; Risking all.

It is our destiny to be here
when both Demons and Angels
come together to do battle with Man.

Hear our voices
listen to the words of lives,
the songs of her love
in the breath of the world

the Voices of The Night.