a long caste fountain
into the background sky
singular in stature
in winds breeze wave
standing free
standing alone
the Learning Tree
offering to the creatures
of the forest
have visited here
over the years
a continual homage
a place of shelter
a place for rest
the colored shadows
in life's hollow trunk
showing the ages
that have gone by

through these years of weathering
the many stories
The Learning Tree
has shared with us
bringing to us an understanding
of a devoted knowing
without words

The Learning Tree
expanded in time
telling us
in splendid ceremony

what we must
be able to appreciate
to know
what we must do
in order to liberate natures true course

the morning comes
under sunlight breeze
in the understanding of who we are
in the evaluating of life's true meanings
times memories reincarnated
in wood veins
this one
that one
branches extended
this way
that way
stretched outwards too the seasons

let us make a stand
let's assure ourselves

that the lessons
from this one tree

will always here to be learned

this one standing
living identity
it is most certainly worth
fighting for

The Learning Tree
standing here above our world
stands as an icon
reminding us
of our responsibilities