Love Is Blind Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


And can you tell me Love is blindA
Because your faults he will not findA
Because the image that he seesB
Is one of splendid mysteriesB
And if he lack the power to lookC
On what he will as on a bookC
And read therein the heart of itD
Why are his ways with wonder litD
Why think you he should bind his eyesE
And hide the many tinted skiesE
But that he sees too well to trustF
The shadows on an orb of dustF
For he hath vision keener farG
Than poring Thought's and Fancy's areG
An inward vision full and clearH
When night has flung her mantle sheerH
Across the world we stumble throughI
In search of Truth's evasive clueI
He looks and straight there fall awayJ
The flutt'ring rags of your arrayJ
The far fet gem th' indecent drapeK
The pads that mar the perfect shapeK
And naked to his reverent viewI
Is beauty's self essential youI

John Le Gay Brereton


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