Sweet Valley, Say Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Sweet valley say where pensive lyingA
For me our children England sighingA
The best of mortals leans his headB
Ye fountains dimpled by my sorrowC
Ye brooks that my complainings borrowC
O lead me to his lonely bedB
Or if my loverD
Deep woods you coverD
Ah whisper where your shadows o'er him spreadB
'Tis not the loss of pomp and pleasureD
Of empire or of tinsel treasureD
That drops this tear that swells this groanE
No from a nobler cause proceedingA
A heart with love and fondness bleedingA
I breathe my sadly pleasing moanE
With other anguishF
I scorn to languishF
For love will feel no sorrows but his ownE

James Thomson


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