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solarlocgov: Tony Cameron and James McMorrow, Harper Macleod Mark McMurray, CMS Cameron Andrew Hunter, Harper Macleod Chris Thomson, JK Cameron Lorraine Currie, Anderson Strathern Robin Fallas, MacRoberts Jenny Dickson, Morton Fraser Graeme Palmer, Burness Paull

WilliamJLuther: James B Thomson and Walker Todd also blame the regulators, which they say experienced a cultural shift.

tvconfidential: TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 574.4 with guests John James, Jack Coleman, and Gordon Thomson is now available for listening on demand as a free podcast

FinancialReview: This is an edited and abridged transcript of a discussion between Commonwealth Bank CEO Matt Comyn and AFR Chanticleer columnist James Thomson.

QuwwatTakhayyul: The Scottish poet James Thomson (c. 1700–1748) wrote of the harp in his ‘The Castle of Indolence’: ‘A certain Musick, never known before, Here sooth’d the pensive melancholy Mind… With airy flying Fingers light, The God of Winds drew Sounds of deep Delight.’

TrueQuotation: Once I had all the facts in, I found I didn't have the immoral courage to pull the caper. So I wrote it as a story. As a teenager, I didn't have any skills for writing as such, so it came out in 1500 words. — James Thomson

KvsDW13: James Thomson “the City of Dreadful Bight” “And I have searched the heights and depths, the scope Of all our universe, with desperate hope To find some solace for your wild unrest.”

ActHm: Ingratitude is treason to mankind. James Thomson

ASFPUK: In this episode of Meet the Member, we spoke to Tom Laws, James Reid, and Peter Thomson of GUNFIRE Passive Fire Protection. Watch the full episode below:


statmuse: Dame this season: 32.2 PPG 7.2 APG 4.2 3PM Joins James Harden as the only player in NBA history to reach those numbers in a season.

JudsonCarroll1: Ye noble few! who here unbending stand Beneath life's pressure, yet bear up awhile, And what your bounded view, which only saw A little part, deem'd evil is no more: The storms of Wintry time will quickly pass, And one unbounded Spring encircle all. –James Thomson

billrounis: Check this out:

platospupil: Ye noble few! who here unbending stand  Beneath life's pressure, yet bear up awhile,  And what your bounded view, which only saw  A little part, deem'd evil is no more:  The storms of Wintry time will quickly pass,  And one unbounded Spring encircle all.  –James Thomson

FcFairford: Team News: Ben Mitchell Harvey Skurek Josh Bryan Cam Thomson Archie Brennan Freddie Willcox Tom Chamberlain Robbie James (c) Danny Gudger Joe Shutt Jamal Lawrence Subs: Brad Bevan, Ollie Whelan, Joe Wright, Fin Jenner, Tom Starr

EmpyreanSeries: Thinking about James Thomson again—so many beautiful lines of verse & prose to be found in his work « The smallest fragment instant comprehends the whole. »

RSPBScotland: Jean Duggan has taken on the role of Policy Assistant – Avian Influenza during the current outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza. Read her blog about her time in this challenging and unpredictable role here:

TheGolfDivoTee: June 19th, 1903 International Professional Match Scotland v England at Prestwick GC. Scotland won 9 matches to 8. C R Smith, George Coburn, James Braid, Robert Thomson, Willie Park Jnr, Willie Fernie, James Kinnell, James Kay, Alex Herd, Jack White, Ben Sayers, James Hepburn.

skimaskandglove: Get your hands on a Thomson bible Forget the King James version

LarsJohanL: Dragonfly. Photo Lisa James Thomson.

FcFairford: Todays programme featuring Mitchell, James, Thomson & Greenway

FcFairford: Team News: Ben Mitchell Josh Swales Josh Bryan Cam Thomson Callum Preece Archie Brennan Tom Chamberlain Robbie James (c) Danny Gudger Fin Jenner Jamal Lawrence Subs: Harvey Skurek, Brad Bevan, Ollie Whelan, Luke Greenway, Joe Wright.

CraigScotty2: Wrote book 64 pages ( Thank you Father ' ) $ 7. 90 CDN / US. ( Guardian Books ) 2012 under James Thomson KOBO e - book from Kindle Store , and ibookstore My account ( brief ) before & after my conversion

lucelucidor: As rising from the vegetable World My Theme ascends, with equal Wing ascend, My panting Muse; and hark, how loud the Woods Invite you forth in all your gayest Trim. Lend me your Song, ye Nightingales!oh pour The mazy-running Soul of Melody The Seasons:Spring BY JAMES THOMSON

SirGeoffPalmer: Our History/Dundas’ slave trade plaque remains: Today I visited “The Temple of the Muses” in the Scottish Borders. It was installed in 1817 to celebrate the poetry of James Thomson who also wrote: ‘Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britons never, never shall be slaves’…

Afjordii: « As we rush, as we rush in the train, the trees and houses go wheeling back, but the starry heavens above that plain come flying on our track » -James Thomson

baffin_j: (who called the weather "that in which 'the soul of man dies in him'", quoting poet James Thomson), to even the '39 Antarctic Expedition, to some extent (cw for McCormick' s racism in the 2nd quotation).

ChronicleNUFC: Newcastle United can add to St James' Park Samba squad with Roberto Firmino to leave Liverpool

SkySportsPL: Eddie Howe has admitted Ryan Fraser is unlikely to have a future at St James' Park ❌

FcFairford: Team News: Ben Mitchell Kyle Parker Josh Bryan Cam Thomson Callum Preece Archie Brennan Tom Chamberlain Robbie James (c) Danny Gudger Luke Greenway Finn Jenner Subs: Harvey Skurek, Brad Bevan, Ollie Whelan, Josh Swales

mcrleftaction: ... go unopposed. James is a "part time reporter" for Voice of Wales, a nationalist platform, and associates himself with has-been Tommy Robinson, as well as members of Patriotic Alternative. The speakers at the demonstration include Jack Thomson, coordinator of UKIP's youth...

blackwhaIe: oh amazing someone pls inform the poet james thomson that depression began in 2013 (he died 1882)

cityoflondon: Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, James Thomson, has called on the Government to reform the disclosure of evidence system, which was designed before mass digital data, “to deliver faster and more effective justice for victims”.

highgateoc: The School's History Object of the Month is the Victor Ludorum Challenge Cup introduced almost 120 years ago. In 1903 pupil James Scott Thomson was awarded 'winner of the games' taken from the Cup's Latin name. Today, the Cup continues to reward outstanding sporting performances.

ugail: By Ali Elmhamudi, Aliyu Abubakar, Hassan Ugail, Brian Thomson, Colin Wilson, Mark Turner, Derek Manas, Samuel Tingle, Sam Colenutt, Gourab Sen, James Hunter, Meng Sun and Jackie Scully.

FcFairford: Team News: Joe Wright Kyle Parker Olly Whelan Josh Bryan Cam Thomson Josh Swales Tom Chamberlain Robbie James (c) Danny Gudger Luke Greenway Brad Bevan Subs: Finn Jenner, Callum Preece, Rio Spencer, Sam Farr, Jamie Reid

Beamish_James: We won the Tage Thomson trade

whitegoldsword: Here’s a though. Could the grandiose building in the ‘Spring’ frontispiece by William Kent for James Thomson’s ‘The Seasons’ be a version on his villa at Cross Deep with portico designed by Kent? It has a cavernous opening, a portico & columns on the side as designed by a Gibbs?

wikipediachain: Toy book > Blackie & Son > Archibald Fullarton > Thomas Constable (printer and publisher) > FRSE > Peter Higgs > James Bjorken > Structure function > Form factor (quantum field theory) > Electric form factor > William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin > Eotvos (unit) > Centimetre > Inch

highgate1565: Our Highgate History Object of the Month is the Victor Ludorum Challenge Cup introduced almost 120 years ago. In 1903 pupil James Scott Thomson was awarded 'winner of the games' taken from the Cup's Latin name. Today, the Cup continues to reward outstanding sporting performances.

Highgate_Senior: Our Highgate History Object of the Month is the Victor Ludorum Challenge Cup introduced almost 120 years ago. In 1903 pupil James Scott Thomson was awarded 'winner of the games' taken from the Cup's Latin name. Today, the Cup continues to reward outstanding sporting performances.

The_Young_Team: Josh King Leicester City Josh Landers Hibernian Joshua McDonald Hamilton Aidan McGinlay Partick Thistle Callum Penman St Mirren Lewis Pirie Aberdeen Cameron Scott Rangers Gus Stevenson Hearts Kyle Thomson St Johnstone James Wilson Hearts Jack Wyllie Rangers

locatefamily: Paula Thomson from the USA is trying to locate James Gozdzialski and left a message at

Julietbreeze_JS: Sanskrit shlok jaisa nhi lgta hai, J. J J Thomson James Clark Maxwell Jack Kilby James Chadwick John F Marshal David J Wineland James Watt This is the height of the mental agitation J

FcFairford: Team News: Ben Mitchell Kyle Parker Olly Whelan Callum Preece Cam Thomson Robbie James (c) Danny Gudger Luke Jones Fin Jenner Luke Greenway Brad Bevan Subs: Rio Spencer, Josh Swales, Tom Chamberlain, Joe Wright

jsief: Does anyone know of a short Heine poem (abt 2 pages) written in an idyllic childhood vein to/abt his sister? trying to source a possible James Thomson poem

LDNGardensTrust: Overlooked by buildings on two sides, the tall terraced houses designed by James Thomson date from 1842-3 along Ladbroke Grove to the east, and semi-detached villas of 1845 infill along Lansdowne Road to the west.

D1RecruitNation: DE Shai Thomson has received an offer from James Madison

b_datasource: "The latest US CPI data shows the fight against inflation will be long and hard. But that’s not how equity markets are positioned." James Thomson

scot_lit: "The birds awake, the flowers appear / Earth spreads a verdant couch for thee / 'Tis joy and music all we hear / 'Tis love and beauty all we see" —James Thomson, To Amanda

Evening_Tele: James Thomson’s plans for a 'civic centre' had come from his travels.

ABESLAG: MARAUDERS: name: abe thomson s/o: james potter shifted: yes

SallySamsara: Funny, Reuters does not disclose that Pres. and CEO of Thomson Reuters --James Smith- is also on Pfizer Board!! Fact Check-Preventing transmission never required for COVID vaccines’ initial approval; Pfizer vax did reduce transmission of early variants

FcFairford: Team News: Joe Wright Kyle Parker Josh Bryan Callum Preece Cam Thomson Robbie James (c) Josh Swales Luke Jones Luke Greenway Brad Bevan Jamal Lawrence Subs: Archie Brennan, Rio Spencer, Jamie Reid, Fin Jenner, Ben Mitchell.

BBCNews: Staff at DC Thomson facing redundancies

newswatchlist64: On April 5, 1989, Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson was born in Esher, Surrey, England. When she discovered that there was already an actress by the name of Lily Thomson, she changed her stage name to Lily James to avoid confusion.

begum_izliyor: James Thomson Vincent Ezekiel Nicholas Dorothea

FcFairford: Team News: Joe Wright Harvey Skurek Josh Swales Callum Preece Cam Thomson Robbie James Archie Brennan Luke Greenway Brad Bevan Danny Gudger Jamal Lawrence Subs: Luke Jones, Kyle Parker, Rio Spencer, Callum Preece, Fin Jenner

BiasedScribe: Thomson - do we work with county on support for seniors or lower income relying on transit? James-Reid - had a conversation with county today. No programs offered through county for seniors, but there are programs to take seniors outside the community for medical purposes.

FcFairford: Tonight’s Programme featuring our own defensive duo Cam Thomson and Robbie James

errorincal: The scientist James Chadwick (who discovered the neutron) was a student of Ernest Rutherford (who discovered the Proton) who in turn was a student of Joseph John Thomson (who discovered the electron)

stu_bykofsky: Maintenance Supervisor James Kirn emailed Thomson that he was moved when Engine 77 and 78 were combined in 1987.

TCDMS99: Reuters is owned by the Thomson Corporation. James Smith is on the Board of Directors for Pfizer...he is... The Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Can we say...Reuters news agency is compromised from telling the truth. Sources for Libs...

BShipyardFC: Today's Shippy team to face Armadale: S. Costello, L. Ross, R. O'Donnell, M. James, I. Millar, C. Watt, D. Thomson, S. Glancy, B. Anthony, J. Wilson, S. Strang. Subs: R. Connor, A. Brown, A. Keatings, D. Pierce, R. Macauley.

GolfstatMarcus: Thomson escapes with the half on 3. Clutch up and down after James hits one tight but misses from short range

NUFC: Onto the next one. ✊ Thank you for your support at St. James’ Park today. ❤️

Vishnuv84978136: 807 Geoff Thomson from Australia Dugan Chan and James Bond Daniel Craig(7) Fifth generation Eva He (58) Government Employees of India Age 58 they are He(8) Age 80 Punjab Five wifes

ProfKinyon: The original radian controversy: Who gave radians their name? Here are two letters published in Nature . The left one dated 7 April 1910 was by mathematician Thomas Muir. The right one, dated 21 April 1910 was by James Thomson, son of the engineer with of same name.

NUFC: Getting ready for another big game at St. James' Park! ⚫️⚪️

John_Thomson_: James Biden... interesting read on him.... Scott Green, a lobbyist with close ties to Joe Biden, purchased Virgin Islands property from James Biden and then extended him a private mortgage.

John_Thomson_: Ranking Member James Comer looking at whether Biden’s Brother Peddled Political Connections in Middle East to Secure Loan from a Private Business

PeachStatePast: On his right is James Thomson, a mathematician from Vermont. I have not yet found why the two were depicted together as silhouettes. (2/2)

PeachStatePast: Image: “Richard Wilde and James Thomson” by Auguste Edouart (1841). From the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Robert L. McNeil, Jr. (

NUFC: ⏱ A huge second-half lies ahead at St. James' Park... HWTL! ⚫️⚪️

RayburnNIET: "Delightful task! To rear the tender thought, to teach the young idea how to shoot." -James Thomson

slovakspectator: If there is one thing that Slovaks love, it is to accumulate and flaunt letters after (and, often, before) their names, writes James Thomson.

Zeshankenzo: James Tavernier’s penalty midweek v Hearts will be his 50th penalty scored playing for Rangers.

KLPSherman4: James Smith, chair Thomson Reuters, Pfizer board member.

JoshWalkos: James C. Smith Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, a London-based charity supported by Thomson Reuters. President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomson Reuters

Lizzie_Thomson_: Was listening to James Acaster on a podcast talking about death and he said he hoped it was quick and painless because all of life is about trying to make things better for yourself and if the end was just going “Aaah, please, no” it would render it all a bit pointless.

nimrit_bb16: NIMRIT DESERVES TROPHY More firm and sure the hand of courage strikes, when it obeys the watchful eye of caution. - James Thomson..

EmpyreanSeries: We’d love to see reviews of some of our recent titles. In particular, works by by Emanuel Carnevali, Amy Levy, Jean Paul, Walter Savage Landor, Mário de Andrade, James Thomson, Antero de Quental. Review copies of these can be made available upon request—see link below.

leblock_james: Brown - not our Problem Bowers - Not our Problem Brady- our Captain JBD - Future Top 4 D Thomson - Has potential to be in the Lineup Stutzle future PPG PLAYER Sanderson - SHUTDOWN D Grieg -top 6 potential elite shit disturber Boucher - TBD

Dwight_XOS: Congratulations to Roland Andrews and Coach James Thomson!!! Go Blue Devils!!

bennyjohnson: New Bombshell reveals REAL scandal of Biden's stolen classified docs— Rep. James Comer UNLOADS: "This has ALL the patterns of an influence-peddling scheme."

engineers_feed: The discoverer of neutron (James Chadwick) was a student of discoverer of proton (E. Rutherford) which in turn was a student of discoverer of electron (J.J. Thomson).

Godgift64107811: More firm and sure the hand of courage strikes, when it obeys the watchful eye of caution. -James Thomson 15 YEARS OF SID IN ITV

Andy_Villamarzo: Florida high school football coaching updates: James Thomson steps down at Winter Haven.

FinancialReview: James Thomson will become the senior Chanticleer columnist following the decision of Tony Boyd to retire. Anthony Macdonald will join the Chanticleer team.

tapping_frog: Our James Thomson is performing internationally this week. Taking it back to his classical musician roots.

polk_way: Winter Haven Head Coach James Thomson steps down as head coach after completely turning the program around. Polk County just took a L..

JuddLegum: 6. Just prior to signing the bill, however, Reagan wrote to New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson Jr. (R). Thomson loathed King, calling him "a man of immoral character," and was urging Reagan to veto the holiday.

JuddLegum: 7. Reagan assured Thomson that the holiday would celebrate the "image" of King and not the "reality." In the years that followed, Reagan crafted a false image of King, claiming that King would have supported policies that he stridently opposed.

richardalijos: Gifts by James Thomson (1834 - 1882) Give a man a horse he can ride, Give a man a boat he can sail; And his rank and wealth, his strength and health, On sea nor shore shall fail.

Ndrly: Live action Tintin fancast… Tom Holland as Tintin Colin Farrell as Captain Haddock James and Oliver Phelps as Thomson and Thompson James McAvoy as Professor Calculus Ralph Fiennes as Nestor Olivia Colman as Bianca Castafiore

PollRackham: Remember James Thomson who is top whack at Reuters (Fact Check!) & on the board at P$izer - no apparent conflict of interest in hammering voices warning of danger injecting kids with that technology. This retreat below is clearly strategic.

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Dr San San Wai: It support to my research paper.

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