Prologue To Tancred And Sigismunda Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Bold is the man who in this nicer ageA
Presumes to tread the chaste corrected stageA
Now with gay tinsel arts we can no moreB
Conceal the want of Nature's sterling oreB
Our spells are vanish'd broke our magic wandC
That used to wast you over sea and landD
Before your light the fairy people fadeE
The demons fly the ghost itself is laidE
In vain of martial scenes the loud alarmsF
The mighty prompter thundering out to armsF
The playhouse posse clattering from afarG
The close wedged battle and the din of warB
Now e'en the senate seldom we conveneH
The yawning fathers nod behind the sceneH
Your taste rejects the glittering false sublimeI
To sigh in metaphor and die in rhymeI
High rant is tumbled from his gallery throneJ
Description dreams nay similies are goneK
What shall we then to please you how deviseL
Whose judgment sits not in your ears and eyesL
Thrice happy could we catch great Shakespeare's artM
To trace the deep recesses of the heartM
His simple plain sublime to which is givenN
To strike the soul with darted flame from heavenN
Could we awake soft Otway's tender woeO
The pomp of verse and golden lines of RoweO
We to your hearts apply let them attendP
Before their silent candid bar we bendP
If warm'd they listen 'tis our noblest praiseQ
If cold they wither all the Muse's baysQ

James Thomson


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