Meet me in the middle,
With an open mind,
Set aside differences,
We're the same kind,
Names are just titles,
we are all human beings.

Discrimination is the daily bread,
Colour doesn't have to take away compassion.
Sympathy is far fetched,
With many not having roof over their head.
No one is lending a helping hand.

Violence is our daily news,
Women are the victims,
Everyday they live in fear,
Not knowing when it's going to come to them.
The very same people meant to protect them,
Have become predators after their peace.
Women are also humans.

Tears no longer touch the heart,
Greed has taken that crown,
People starve while others are filling their pockets,
They are being used as pawns,
Enriching those already rich,
The rich gets richer,
The poor gets poorer.
We are all the same,
we are human beings.

How do you sleep knowing someone didn't eat?
The pain you get when hungry
is no different to that person you didn't help.
We are all the same!!