The journey with no beginning started at no end
only found the answers of what was not asked.
The question still remains, what has our
world come up to?

Survival of the fittest is the title of our lives
adopting the behavior of animals in turn losing our own identity.
Confusion is the center of our lives where we run from the unknown
people value the law of the jungle more than their own integrity.
What has our world come up to be?

The words "I am hurt" dominates more
than the words " someone cares".
In fact the words " I care" are close our mouths
but far from our actions.
The only thing people go on about is hurt
and if you've not been hurt the question you ask yourself
is "when is my time coming".
What has our world come up to be?

Everything people grew up deeming wrong is now right
This includes valuing things more than the life of another person.
People's lives have become cheap to a point that it can be taken at any time.
Living a life asking yourself if tomorrow will ever come.
Cries are the highlights of this life
where each day a family is in sorrow of their loved ones.
What has our world become to be?

Greed is the driver of people's destination
bringing people is the greatest achievement if not the only thing people are now good at.
The greatest fear is making it in life
but even those who don't make it are also subjected to being suppressed.
What has our world come up to be?