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I am James Jaime Ntivane from the outskirts of Soweto in Protea South. Went to Basani Primary School and Vuwani Secondary School. I am a soccer player who didn't pursue the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. I am a Christian and that's just everything about me. I love my family especially my parents. I have two families. The family of my birth and Unity family....
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  • It Was Her Birthday

    Her name is Cleopatra and I call her a warrior,
    Standing up to her name ...
  • The Walls Collapsed Right In Front Of Me.
    I had always thought that I had no heart
    So I heard people talking about feelings,
    A mystery I could not solve,
    Like I've never felt anything for anyone, ...
  • The Glimmer Of Hope.
    I saw you from a distance,
    And I fell for you in an instant,
    You took my pulse without ever touching me,
    Like honey and flowers, you were my bumble-bee, ...
  • Because You Cheated.
    Because you cheated,
    The traces of what was,
    holds back memories of happiness,
    It was love at first sight, ...
  • We Grow Up
    It was all joy and fairytale,
    until I had to grow and face the world,
    It's like all my dreams had to descale,
    The balance between what life threw at me and my goals swirled. ...
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Destination 1 Good 1 Person 1 Question 1 Wrong 1 Unknown 1 Confusion 1 Tomorrow 1 Point 1 Integrity 1

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