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I am James Jaime Ntivane from the outskirts of Soweto in Protea South. Went to Basani Primary School and Vuwani Secondary School. I am a soccer player who didn't pursue the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. I am a Christian and that's just everything about me. I love my family especially my parents. I have two families. The family of my birth and Unity family....
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James Ntivane Poems

  • Overcoming Life's Obstacles.
    Ride forth against the tide,
    Rise above the surf of challenges,
    Welcome every sunrise with a vision,
    Send off every sunset with hope, ...
  • Not Everyone Wants To See You Thrive.
    In the quietest part of the night,
    When you hover between dark and light,
    Wondering if you can float away on dreams,
    Hoping they won't turn into screams. ...
  • We Are All The Same.
    Meet me in the middle,
    With an open mind,
    Set aside differences,
    We're the same kind, ...
  • Letter To My Heart
    The pages of my old book,
    Hold my memories of yesterday,
    Every smile, every tear,
    Every person who came my way, ...
  • Life Goes On
    The sun rises and sets everyday,
    An unbroken cycle of hope,
    An awakening of expectations,
    Everyday is sweeter than the day before. ...
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