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What If


What if,
our fore parent had not eaten the forbidden fruit

Paciolo Pen Saint

Never have I been glad or sad
That there was such a thing as bad.
There had to be, I understood,
For there to have been any good.

Robert Frost
A Dream Of Whitman Paraphrased, Recognized And Made More Vivid By Renoir

Twenty-eight naked young women bathed by the shore
Or near the bank of a woodland lake
Twenty-eight girls and all of them comely
Worthy of Mack Sennett's camera and Florenz Ziegfield's

Delmore Schwartz

Ooh you what an evil thing
What a cruel word
You have a heart of a rock I say, how can you make our children loose their life's before time? You are a fiasco in our lives, a forever pain in our hearts and a forever negativity in our self esteems


Palesa Molokomme
Merlin V

The sun went down, and the dark after it
Starred Merlin's new abode with many a sconced
And many a moving candle, in whose light
The prisoned wizard, mirrored in amazement,

Edwin Arlington Robinson
No Greater Love

My motherland was pleading again for mercy,
the British were cruel and bloodthirsty,
they ordered to choose the road of compliance,
I selected the path of painful defiance.

Sharletl Alvares
A Farewell To Tobacco

May the Babylonish curse
Straight confound my stammering verse,
If I can a passage see
In this word-perplexity,

Charles Lamb
Let's Stop Discrimination

it has been more than five decades since we got our liberial government!
We have come so far as a nation,
But there is still a long way to go.
I can see the future is bright but somehow my vision is blurry.

Blessings Mitembo
Lancelot 05

Gawaine, his body trembling and his heart
Pounding as if he were a boy in battle,
Sat crouched as far away from everything
As walls would give him distance. Bedivere

Edwin Arlington Robinson
Injustice Of The Courts

Whites alone upon the jury in a number of the states,
Thus they crush a helpless Negro with their prejudicial hates;
Legal ills they thrust upon him, and the tale is passing sadâ??
Equal rights with white men? Never! Color-phobia makes them mad.

Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer
The Sorcerer: Act Ii


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, an Elderly Baronet


William Schwenck Gilbert
The Candle

O Candle! I am also an afflicted person in the world assembly
Constant complaint is my lot in the manner of the rue

Love gave the warmth of internal pathos to you

Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Matter For Gratitude

Be pleased, O Lord, to take a people's thanks
That Thine avenging sword has spared our ranks-
That Thou hast parted from our lips the cup
And forced our neighbors' lips to drink it up.

Ambrose Bierce
The Interrogatio

The bright sun is hidden, the night shows its face
The night's hair is spread on shoulders of the earth

This black dress is preparation for some one's mourning

Allama Muhammad Iqbal
A Royal Poet - Prose

Though your body be confined
And soft love a prisoner bound,
Yet the beauty of your mind
Neither check nor chain hath found.

Washington Irving
The Steed Of Mind Speedeth Over The Sky

The steed of mind speedeth over the sky,
And, in the twinkling of the eye,
A hundred thousand leagues traverseth he.
Yet a man of discrimination can control


Never have I been glad or sad
That there was such a thing as bad.
There had to be, I understood,
For there to have been any good.

Robert Lee Frost
The Morning Sun

Far from the ignoble strife of Man's tavern you are
The wine-cup adorning the sky's assemblage you are

The jewel which should be the pearl of the morning's bride's ear you are

Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Slay The Murderous Demons

Slay the murderous demons,
Lust, Anger and Greed;
Or, aiming their arrows at you, they will
surely shoot you dead.

Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 39

Harun-ur-Rashid said when the country of Egypt was surrendered to him: "In contrast to the rebel who had in his arrogance of being sovereign of Egypt pretended to be God, I shall bestow this country upon the meanest of my slaves." He had a stupid negro, Khosaib by name, whom he made governor of Egypt but his intellect and discrimination were so limited that when the tribe of Egyptian agriculturists complained and stated that they had sown cotton along the banks of the Nile and that an untimely rain had destroyed it he replied: "You ought to have sown wool." A pious man heard this, and said:

"If livelihood were increased by knowledge
None would be more needy than the ignorant.

Saadi Shirazi
The Negro Ballot

Can America be reckoned as the country of the free?
In the light of recent actions 'tis a truth that's hard to see.
It has taken from the Negro his protection, yea, his vote,
How oppressive is the finger that such cruel mandates wrote!

Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer
Hunt Me Well

Hunt me well and you will find me !
Hunt him well and you would find him

Oh hail the feet of the one my eyes look to.

Jay-jay Orleans

The morning sun rose bright and fair
Upon a lovely village where
Prosperity abounded,
And ceaseless hum of industry

Hattie Howard