In the quietest part of the night,
When you hover between dark and light,
Wondering if you can float away on dreams,
Hoping they won't turn into screams.
What seemed as a goal has been spiralling downstream.

Into the ever green, the "So called
world of milk and honey "
Just when you stay flout into the simmer of dusk and dawn
Wondering if your own dreams will keep you live if life won't be telling you no lie ,

So I've been told" you are useless",
Shifting my mind to truculence,
Which has brainwashed my heart to be truceless.
My mentality became that of a failure,
Was made to believe I can't make it,
My dreams were now a horror.

Those meant to encourage you,
Are the ones holding a grudge.
Instead of supporting your dreams,
They block all of your streams.
Glancing at every chance of you falling,
Because they have been waiting for you to come crawling.

It is true people can make you or break you.
Standing by the sides pretending to praise you.
In their hearts they've already erased you,
Simply because they can't stand your breakthrough.
This probably is their worst stay through.
Wishing they could just drive-thru.

Those meant to stay they'll stay,
Never cry on those who runaway,
For those who mean harm shall surely pay.
Just don't act like a prey.